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about us

Our Gourmet Cotton Candy is proudly made in the Great State of North Carolina. Most of our 50+ flavors are one of a kind that you wont find anywhere else. We take pride in our product and are truly a family-owned business. Mikol (Dad), Kelli (Mom), Jacob (12 year old son), and Mabrey (8 year old daughter) plays a big part in the making of this wonderful and tasteful treat from the late 1800's. We are currently selling our product in 15 states in over 50 retail locations. We also look forward to providing you with a wonderful treat from the past with a new flavor.

custom orders

We can mix and match most any color you request, including sport teams, wedding colors, school colors, etc. Use the contact button below to find out more about customizing your gourmet cotton candy!


Tired of selling candy bars making less than $.50 each? Give us a call or text  @ 336-300-4906 or email for information about an easy fundraiser selling our cotton candy. Most fundraisers more than double your money. 

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